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Nicola Convertino received the Golden Lion of Venice from the Senate of the Republic for having entirely hand-painted the Piper, the venue located in Macerata considered the most beautiful venue in Italy.

The Piper of Macerata was awarded at the Senate of the Republic as the most beautiful venue in Italy and the one who received the award was Nicola Convertino, the artist who painted it entirely by hand, from the ceiling to the walls, the tables, the installations, the chandeliers, the bar counter and all the details relating to the furnishings.

Also with him were the owners of the venue: Henry Seghetta, Maurizio Canuto, Stefano Mancini and Mauro Cesaroni who shared the award with the Artist as Patrons of the work.

The club is also mentioned in the Top Celebrity ranking and placed in first place among the most beautiful clubs in Italy:

Nicola Covertino is no stranger to this type of installation, having already painted other venues, restaurants and nightclubs in the past, creating creative installations that blend in with the furnishings and structure of the venues themselves. At the Caffè Leopardi in Recanati he even painted “The other Leopardi”, rewriting in 17 panels the real Leopardi, the one they don’t tell us at school, the hidden Leopardi…and also in some unknown way, far from the “…Donzelletta…”.

In the Piper, however, Nicola wanted to insert “secret” messages into every corner of the room, mysterious ones, we dare say esoteric ones, because following his nature and his beliefs he inserted his friend “magic” into the pictorial panels set in the walls, and into the walls themselves. ” which always accompanies him in life.

Magic has always supported man in his daily affairs, but not everyone perceives its “presence”, much less understands the messages that it promptly sends us, but it is constantly present in our actions, in religion, in science, in poetry and…in art.

Nicola wanted to give all these messages, trying to interpret them in art; the result was a masterpiece, a tribute to powerful and direct colour.

The color blends with the environment, with ever-changing shades, ready to communicate joy but also anguish, dark atmospheres follow one another with sweet and sensual moments, the women represented in the paintings are strong, sensual but always “magical”.

In some tables the presence of the “magical woman” is felt, a sort of Diana ready to strike unbelievers, those who associate Magic with superstition, who relegate it to the dark part of our conscience, instead of discovering it in the culture of ancient Egypt .

At the entrance to the “VIP Room” the Convertino inserted two figures of Pharaohs on the sides to represent two guardians of the Temple, in the center a Dragon to represent strength, courage, the one who dominates fire, source of life but also of destruction , an element whose dominion means the dominion of the world, dangerous but at the same time a giver of life: whoever dominates fire can manage fate and life.

The “VIP Room” welcomes patrons into a world where rules are in vain, inside the walls take on a different appearance from the canonical one: They seem alive, they are curtains ready to open into another dimension. Clients can imagine that at any moment these curtains will open and show the dark side of their consciences but they could probably show them aspects of their past or fragments of their future.

In that atmosphere one could merge the past, present and future and the colors created by Convertino serve precisely this.

There are so many and well distributed that they help the customer to imagine, to create that piece of emotion that takes him into the oblivion of the senses.

Only by diving into those colors can we get lost in the network of emotions that dwell within us, there is no other way to travel in that microcosm that is our “soul”.

When Nicola Convertino paints, when he creates installations, he merges his pictorial knowledge with scientific knowledge, which is the basis of his culture, a culture made up of 50 years of study and experiences lived around the world.

His 2 degrees are not enough, the books written and those read are not enough but we must link them to his travels and the pictorial experiences he had since he was a child, up to the “Magic” that he studied and “encountered” on his journey, here it is looking at his works you can understand his path, his wanderings in unexplored worlds, those which scare many but which fascinate him and make him immerse himself in creative madness on a daily basis.

But the Piper cannot be described, you have to experience it; only by immersing yourself in the many colors of the walls can you understand the restless soul of the Convertino, his eternal desire for knowledge, for knowledge, that desire is transmitted to us, as all the esoteric messages that are inherent in all the works that are part of of the furniture.

Seeing is believing.